A Week in London {in photos}

By |23 July 2014|

We had a lovely and relaxing time away in London last week for a short holiday. We needed to apply for Eva Joy’s American citizenship and passport at the Embassy, so we took advantage of it and made a holiday of it! It was lovely to stay with friends while we were down there, […]

{Oh, Toddlers…} Learn Self-Control

By |21 July 2014|

One thing everyone knows about toddlers is that their moods can change. At any moment. Without warning. And a tantrum usually takes place at that moment.

We’re working with Asher to teach him self-control. When he starts to melt down, we have him put his nose in the corner until he calms down.

It’s hard to […]

{Oh, Toddlers…} Thankful for Crumbs

By |14 July 2014|

Something we always do as a family is pray before bedtime. Sometimes Asher repeats what we pray, as we teach him how to pray. One time he decided to pray all by himself—”Thank you for Grandma, thank you for Mummy, thank you for Daddy, thank you for Eva Joy, thank you for pasta, thank you […]

How to Celebrate a Rainy Independence Day

By |9 July 2014|

It’s become a tradition. Every year Leon and I love having Americans (and anyone who’s up for a barbecue) around to celebrate the 4th of July. This year was no different, but it rained all evening. Unfortunately we didn’t have a good turn out because of the rain. We made the most of the weather, […]

{Dear Eva Joy} 3 Months Old

By |1 July 2014|

Dear Eva Joy,

Today you’re 3 months old! This month we’ve enjoyed chatting with you and getting cuddles. Asher likes to talk to you and play with you as well. This month you had your first trip to the library. It was a bit much for you, but I think you’ll learn to like once […]

Crafting an Imperfect Life

By |23 June 2014|

With social media and blogs, it’s pretty easy to hide behind the lie that our lives are perfect. Behind the scenes, they’re not. Asher throws tantrums and doesn’t always obey us. Eva Joy struggles to fall asleep at bedtime. Leon and I have disagreements. We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

Last week’s […]