Day 19 | My Shoes

By |19 August 2014|

Oh, friends… It’s been a challenging couple of days as a mother! The last couple of days, this was the only photo I could manage for this challenge… Keeping it real again… Life isn’t always picture perfect.

Day 18 | Starts with “C”

By |18 August 2014|

C is for… Cookbooks!

Cookbooks are becoming obsolete with all the online resources for recipes these days. And yet there’s still something about being able to thumb through a cookbook for dinner inspiration!

Day 17 | Low Angle

By |17 August 2014|

As a mother, I love getting down on the floor to play with my children. It’s fun to see things from their point of view.

Asher is learning to count, so I was admittedly excited to find an abacus for cheap. He loves trying to count all the beads. So what if he always skips from […]

Day 16 | High Angle

By |16 August 2014|

The view above the fence.

Occasionally friends ask me for photos of what the outdoors looks like in England. Here’s a glimpse of what the outside of homes look like from a high angle, above the fence that divides our back gardens.

Day 15 | Green

By |15 August 2014|

I had no idea a boring green fence in our back garden could be so artistic. And then I noticed the spider webs, and they made it even more beautiful. The little details.

Day 14 | Clouds

By |14 August 2014|

Our anniversary is today! So we went on a date to a show at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. Anyone who knows us or has been following this blog for awhile knows we have a love for the Lake District. So naturally I took my camera to capture the Lakes at a time […]