Day 21 | (the end of) Summertime

By |21 August 2014|

One step outside this afternoon, and I knew the chill of autumn is beginning.

But it’s still August, you say. Yes, but since it’s been raining all day, I think summer is coming to an end in northwest England.

With the rain comes puddles for a busy little boy to jump in! We went for an […]

Dedicating Eva Joy

By |20 August 2014|

Leon and I had the privilege of standing before our church to dedicate Eva Joy to the Lord on Sunday. We take raising our children seriously, so it was good to once again commit to raising our children for the Lord.

We love that our church family stands behind us in support, too! After Leon […]

Day 20 | Dinner Tonight

By |20 August 2014|

I’ve never really been one to take photos of my meal before I eat it. So I took a photo of some of the ingredients as I was making dinner instead. Can you guess what we had for dinner?

Day 19 | My Shoes

By |19 August 2014|

Oh, friends… It’s been a challenging couple of days as a mother! The last couple of days, this was the only photo I could manage for this challenge… Keeping it real again… Life isn’t always picture perfect.

Day 18 | Starts with “C”

By |18 August 2014|

C is for… Cookbooks!

Cookbooks are becoming obsolete with all the online resources for recipes these days. And yet there’s still something about being able to thumb through a cookbook for dinner inspiration!

Day 17 | Low Angle

By |17 August 2014|

As a mother, I love getting down on the floor to play with my children. It’s fun to see things from their point of view.

Asher is learning to count, so I was admittedly excited to find an abacus for cheap. He loves trying to count all the beads. So what if he always skips from […]