Hedding into the Weekend: Week 17 (Travel Edition)

By |1 May 2015|

We made it! We had about 16 hours of travel in our day on Tuesday, which wasn’t bad compared to last time. The kids were stars on the long flight. It’s a challenge to be […]

Hedding into the Weekend: Week 16

By |24 April 2015|

Well, here we are only a few days out from our trip to the US! We’ll soon flying across the Atlantic where we’ll spend the next 10 weeks. Next week I hope to have some travel-themed […]

Hedding into the Weekend: Weeks 14 & 15

By |17 April 2015|

Spring weather arrived in Carlisle! Well, it comes and goes. We have a couple of nice days that are warm enough to turn our heating off and then it gets cold again. Asher and Eva […]

Hedding into the Weekend: Weeks 12 & 13

By |3 April 2015|

We had a busy two weeks in our home! We celebrated not one, but two birthdays in the last 2 weeks. We are so blessed by the two precious lives that God has blessed us […]

Hedding into the Weekend: Week 11

By |20 March 2015|

There are days when everything goes wrong. I had one of those days this week (and I got to the end of the day and I hadn’t taken my photo for the day yet). The […]

Hedding into the Weekend: Week 10

By |13 March 2015|

This week was one of those weeks I just struggled to get a photo in every day. It wasn’t a very exciting week. Spring is beginning to make an appearance, though. And that makes things […]