Dear Eva Joy | 5 Months Old

By |1 September 2014|

Dear Eva Joy,

You have taken an interest in whatever your big brother Asher is doing. I love hearing the two of you laugh together. You have discovered how to put things in your mouth (if only you could get your dummy back in your mouth at bedtime!). You’re also very close to rolling from […]

Day 31 | Mail (or Post)

By |31 August 2014|

It feels so strange to call post “mail” now that I’ve lived in the UK for a few years. It’s funny the things you get used to when you live abroad. Our mail comes through a slot in the door or “letter box.” (Are they called letter boxes in the US, too? If they […]

Day 30 | Up Close

By |30 August 2014|

Time to give Little Miss some more love in this photo a day project. Eva Joy learned how to blow bubbles recently, so she constantly has dribble on her chin now. It’s fun to blow raspberries for her because she’ll usually blow them back now! Thbthbthbthb!

Day 29 | Something Pink

By |29 August 2014|

A friend gave us a bouquet of flowers the other day, but a couple of the flowers had broken stems. So they found themselves in a cute little jar on our kitchen windowsill!

Day 28 | Something Orange

By |28 August 2014|

Asher and his backpack. He’s old enough now that he gets to carry his own bag of toys with him when we go to church or someone’s home. It’s full of quiet toys and books to keep him occupied for awhile. I think Asher looks rather grown up with it on… He needs to […]

Day 27 | Fruit

By |27 August 2014|

It just so happens that we got a grocery order from Tesco today, so I photographed some fruit we got. I’m not very good at food photography, I’m afraid. This photo reminds me of those still life drawings I had to do for various art classes growing up!