Let me ask you a question: When you’re working in your job, does your boss focus more on your weaknesses? or your strengths? or maybe even neither of those? We’d probably enjoy our jobs better if we focused on what we do well and not on how we fall short. What I mean by that is, do you focus on the ways God has gifted you or how you wish God has gifted you?

Image Credit: Candie_N

A few weeks ago, Leon and I took a personality test. Yep, we’re nerds. We like personality tests (I’m a sucker for trying to figure out everyone’s Myers-Briggs Type). This one, called Strengthsfinder, might differ from other tests in that it gave me a new perspective on my strengths. Strengthsfinder helps people find their talents and focuses on those talents.

It’s interesting to think that if I focus on my strengths more, I tend to enjoy life more. For example, one of my “talents” is harmony. I tend to thrive in an environment where there is harmony, and I work to make harmony when it isn’t there. I like to keep the peace. If I can’t keep the peace in whatever situation I’m in, be it a working environment (like my previous job at Staples) or at home, I’m not as satisfied with life.

My top 5 strengths

One thing I enjoyed about exploring our strengths is that it helped Leon and I to understand each other better. Knowing each other’s strengths has helped us know better what makes the other person tick. Such a beautiful thing in a marriage, isn’t it… to understand how my spouse ticks.

I like to think that God intended for us to enjoy what we do. Now, I know that sometimes God gives us jobs that we don’t like for our sanctification, and He also has us focus on our weaknesses when it means dealing with a sin in our lives. That doesn’t mean that we can’t focus on how God has made us! When we focus on our strengths, we become so good at those strengths that our weaknesses fade into the distance like they’re not even there. Focusing on your strengths makes life more enjoyable, don’t you think?


How about you? What are your strengths? Even if you haven’t done Strengthsfinder, how do you focus on your strengths?