I love laughter. I think it’s good for the soul. In fact, I’m pretty sure that God has a sense of humour, too. Otherwise He wouldn’t have given us this gift of laughter.

With paint all over his face—he makes me laugh.

My Grandma A. told me that I would marry someone who makes me laugh. Well, a few years later, she was right! I love it when my husband makes me laugh. He likes it when he can make me laugh. One of those times was when he got bored waiting for me to finish my part of the painting. Before I knew it, he had mocha brown paint all over his face.

The last time I laughed really hard was a couple weeks ago. I have this weird habit of turning the light off in the toilet (bathroom) before I open the door. Then it takes a bit of time for my eyes to adjust as I either walk down the stairs or go to our bedroom. I turned off the light and open the door as I usually do, and started to step out of the bathroom. Except this time I walked into a human being standing there in the dark. There was Leon… standing there ever-so-silently… waiting to scare me, and scare me he did!

We’ll just say that I’m glad I had just used the toilet, otherwise there would have been a puddle on the floor! He scared the snot out of me standing there so silent, unexpected.

I screamed.

After the initial shock wore off, I grabbed him, hugged him, and started crying. He had scared me pretty well. The whole thing was pretty funny, and after a point, I wasn’t exactly sure if I was laughing or crying. Maybe I was laughing and crying. Usually the crying comes after the laughter. Not this time. We stood there for awhile—Leon laughing, and me laughing through my tears.

And then I told him that he must never do that again.

As for me, I learned to leave the toilet light on until after I’ve opened the door. :)

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Describe the last thing that made you laugh really hard.