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Leon had surgery on Friday. It was a procedure that he’d been waiting for since we got back from the US in June. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the surgery, we didn’t  know how invasive the surgery was going to be when he went in on Friday. Recovery could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, depending on the type of procedure that needed to be done.

Reading with Daddy

We were a little uncertain how this would alter our lives. However, it reminded me of one little line in our wedding vows, one that I needed to live out whatever happened with Leon’s surgery: “In sickness and in health.” I really wasn’t certain how I’d manage to take care of Leon while he recovered while taking care of a busy toddler and being exhausted from pregnancy. But I needed to do it. It’s what I promised to do.

I’m thankful for that little line in our wedding vows this week.

I get to care for my husband while he recovers from surgery. Earlier this year he cared for me when I had a miscarriage (and last year after all the trauma following Asher’s birth). Those 5 little words can be taken for granted. It’s easy to be selfish, but it’s something we promised to do: love each other in sickness and in health. So we make the choice to do  that when the opportunity arises.

Thank You, Lord for those opportunities!

Oh, in case you were wondering, Leon’s surgery went well, and he was able to have the less invasive procedure done. That means he’ll have a shorter recovery time! Praise the Lord!

What blessings are you counting this week?

Please join me in this challenge to give thanks daily. It has been such a growing experience, and a good opportunity to turn complaining into gratitude.

32. Poppies to symbolise remembrance
33. My Grandpa and cousin serving in the US Airforce
34. Being more like my Grandma A. than I realised
35. Lunch with Asher
36. Super-muddy trousers
37. FaceTime call with my mum
38. Emptied dresser drawers
39. New crockpot recipe
40. Small Group brainstorming sessions
41. A sleeping toddler
42. Reading books
43. Mornings to myself
44. Encouragement about my blogging
45. Oatmeal pumpkin cookies
46. A growing friendship
47. A good surgery for Leon
48. “In sickness and in health”
49. Caring for Leon after surgery
50. Our baby who’s with Jesus
51. Pregnancy sickness
52. Conversations and catching up with friends
53. Tickling Asher’s tummy
54. Leon’s smile

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