Eva Joy,

We celebrated your birthday last week. We showered you with love because we just love you and your brothers so much. You’re two now. I have no idea where the time has gone. You’re such a loveable little girl so full of life and joy, just like the meaning of your name. You’re very outgoing and love to give smiles to almost anyone.

I may be biased, but you’re growing into such a lovely little girl. Daddy and I are excited to see how God will work in your life. You love your baby dolls (especially Ruby) and doing puzzles. You are a people person, so you usually don’t like playing by yourself and you get your energy from being around people. I love that you’re not afraid to sing, dance and worship Jesus. You’re a very affectionate little girl. You love sitting in our laps, giving hugs and rough housing with Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Little Miss! We love you!!


Mummy xx

Eva Joy's 2nd birthday 1

Eva Joy's 2nd birthday 2

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