Last August, I did a photography project that involved taking a photo every day. I had 31 lovely photos to show for it, and I posted every single one of them on my blog. Daily. It, um, kind of took over my blog. While I want to do something like a Project 365, I thought posting my photos weekly would be better so no one gets photo overload for the next 12 months!

Leon gave me the idea for a new weekly feature called “Hedding into the Weekend!” Each Friday I’ll post several photos from our week (ideally 7, since this is supposed to be a Project 365, after all!). I won’t say much about the photos because you know the mantra—a picture is worth a thousand words.

Before too much cheese gets written into this post, without further ado, here are my photos for the week!

truck with rainbow rice

A reminder of our beginnings

January Sunrise

Potty Training in One Week

rough housing with daddy

Morning Beginnings Coffee


Busy little Girl