I’ve gotten an interesting introduction to winter in Carlisle, England. It began in November before it was even winter. The entire country was hit with a cold spell as well as snow. Apparently, this isn’t normal for England, but yet here we were with December being the coldest month on record since they began keeping weather records.
The last week has been a bit more “normal” if you can call any sort of weather “normal.” I wrote about the rain we experienced on Saturday already, so I’ll spare you the details.
Whilst walking home from church on Sunday, Leon and I snapped these photos of how the rain affected the River Eden, which is located in Carlisle. The river floods quite frequently in the winter. Notice the tree actually standing in the river. Leon says there are sheep that will get stranded on bits of land that don’t get covered by the river. How funny.
At least it’s a bit warmer than it has been. I can tolerate the rain. I’m more prepared for rain than I am for the snow (Who knew we’d get that much here in Carlisle?). We had snow where I’m from in the US, but it’s handled differently here than in the US. To prevent myself from ranting, I’ll just stop with that point. :)


Photo journal entry… Show us what winter in your town looks like.