Hello! I’m Chrysti Hedding. We’ve heard that life is a journey and we’re all heading somewhere. Sometimes that road is difficult, and sometimes we feel alone. I hope to encourage you no matter where you are in your journey and point you to God who will always walk with you. Will you join me in my journey from death to life?

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Everyday Moments: Laughing

This little girl is our little extrovert. She has the most contagious, joyful laugh. I've mentioned before that Eva Joy's name means "life and joy." She grows into

Everyday Moments: Brushing Teeth

These two get more independent every day. Recently Eva Joy started brushing her own teeth, while I do the "finishing touches."  

Secrets, Early Pregnancy and Hope

Hope doesn't always show up the way we think it should. Three years ago, we announced a pregnancy in the first trimester. We were thrilled to have the privilege

When You Can’t Make Sense of the ‘Why’

I curled up on my bed after a very long, emotional day in February 2013. Just hours before, I'd learned that the baby we were expecting had died

Everyday Moments: Playing a Game

Lately one of Asher's favourite games to play is pretending to ride on a train. Our local museum has an area with a couple of pretend train carriages

We Both got a Miracle

To the parents who's child just received a liver transplant, You don't know me, but I've been following your child's story through the Facebook posts shared by a