It’s difficult for me to feel relaxed in a new environment. I have a hard time feeling comfortable in someone else’s home (outside of family of course). It’s nothing against the people to whom the home belongs… it’s just the way I am. And if I don’t feel comfortable, it’s hard for me to be myself.

Image credit: davidsteltz

Going on home assignment this year was a challenge for me at times because quite often it would involve going into someone else’s home for a short time (if not to stay the night).

There was one specific instance in our time on home assignment that I truly did feel comfortable and relaxed. We were visiting a family who are good friends with Leon. I’m not certain what it was, but I just felt completely relaxed and at home with this family. It was so lovely to share a meal with them, catch up on life and play card games.

It was so nice to have a place that’s comfortable and feels like it could be home when we were so far away from our own home.

When did you feel the most relaxed

[this year]? (Today’s prompt is by Kaileen Elise)