Filling my time. It’s something that I struggle with because I can’t always get priorities straight. I’m getting better at it. My husband is a good influence on me. However, it can still be a struggle at times. So when the question of how I hope to fill my time in 2012 came up, I kind of shuddered at the thought of trying to come up with something because I’m not certain if I’ll succeed or not.

It never hurts to try, though.

Image credit: Martin Pettitt

Motherhood. I think it pretty much goes without saying that one of the major things that will fill my time in 2012 will be this little one we’ll have come mid-March(not just for me, but for Leon as well). Motherhood is going to be an entirely new adventure, and an ongoing one at that. I can see God definitely using motherhood to grow me more into Christ’s likeness.

Friendship. I wrote earlier about building relationships with our friends and family back in the US while on home assignment. With so much focus on that, I kind of feel like relationships here in England have kind of slid backward… or at least they haven’t gotten much attention. Now that we know we’re going to be here for awhile (Lord willing), it kind of gives me permission to focus more on friends here… all the while not forgetting friends back in the US, of course.

My home. This is something that has kind of gone by the wayside over the past 4 or 5 months. It’s hard to make my home my priority at times! God and my husband do have a lot of my time, but it’s hard to not get distracted by other things when I need to be taking care of my home and my husband. It’s probably a constant battle, but I’d like to work on filling my time with more of my home.

How do you hope to fill your time in 2012? In what ways do you think it will improve your life? (Today’s Reverb11 prompt is by Diana Prichard)

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