On Thursday this week I travel back to the UK for 2 months. Being away from Carlisle makes the ministry work I do much more difficult. I have missed the routine and my home in Carlisle. But not so much that I would not like to stay in the US with Chrysti for longer. It will be so nice when we are living in the same time zone permanently.

Chrysti and I have been praying for these past few months to discern God’s leading for us over the first few months and year of our married life. We kept being led to live in Carlisle with me (Leon) continuing in ministry with OM and for Chrysti to join me. We are a bit curious to see how God will use us in ministry together, but we do see God’s call for continued work with OM.

We are uncertain what Chrysti will do at the beginning apart from getting settled into life in a new culture and country as a wife. I know that it will take some time for me to settle into life with a wife as well even if the culture is not different. I realise that Chrysti will bring a different culture into the house than has been there before. There are certainly several options for ministry for Chrysti which we are excited to explore, but will leave that until after a few months of married life have gone past.