How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?


This year has been so different because I’ve moved to a new country, leaving all my closest friends behind. I’m trying to think of who would have changed my perspective on the world this year. The quite obvious one would be Leon—he is more than a friend, he’s my husband! Or perhaps it’s a dear former roommate. Or my small group leader’s wife.

I would say my small group leader’s wife has changed my perspective on the world this year. She always had an encouraging word to offer when things weren’t going so great for me. She was always supportive—she’s still supportive even though I’m now thousands of miles away.

The most significant instance I can remember was this summer in the time leading up to the wedding. It was very difficult at times because of whatever circumstances Leon and I found ourselves in and being so far apart from the love of my life. Linda came along side me and encouraged my walk with the Lord during that time. What a blessing! It was a blessing to have a dear friend constantly pointing me to the throne in my time of need instead of running to the phone.

This is a relationship that did take some time to develop, I wouldn’t say that my changed perspective came as a sudden burst, but more like a gradual growth like a flower in the spring taking its time to be beautiful.