Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? 

Hindsight is always 20:20.
Source: WikiMedia Commons (by Sunil060902)

Don’t worry so much. Everything will work out in time. You make a big deal about everything that doesn’t go the way you want to, and you know that things always work out. No matter what you end up doing with your life in England, you will find joy in it if you bring glory to God. Things will get hard at times, and you need to cling to God no matter what.

Hmm. Somehow, the advice I’m giving myself is advice I should be taking now in the present. How did that happen? :)

(Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?)

Ten years ago, I was in my last year of high school. I was considering where to attend college and what degree to get.

Dear 10 years-younger self,

You are at a crossroads in your life. Big transitions are about to happen. They’ll be challenging, but you’ll rise to the challenge. Over the last 10 years, I’ve learned how strong I really am through the challenges of life. Ten years later, and I’m in yet another big transition.

Don’t fret about what career you’ll go into. Most people who finish university end up in a career not related to their major!

Don’t let yourself get stressed about life. You will feel so much better and won’t get yourself ill if you don’t stress.

Relax and enjoy life!!


your 10 years-older self