Our passports are ready to be sent off  for visas!

What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

The day we were supposed to leave to return to England, Leon and I found out that I had been issued the wrong visa! It was such a frantic culmination of everything that we had been through since we were married. There really isn’t any reason why we should have been allowed in at the British Consulate General that day. There really isn’t any reason why I should have been issued a different visa.

But it happened. God is incredibly faithful. Pastor Peter at my church back in the US likes to say that one of the names of God is “Jehovah Last-Minute.” In this case He definitely was Jehovah last minute! Yet He still provided in just the right time!

When we walked out of that Wrigley Building in Chicago is when I knew everything was going to be OK. God proved Himself in control in a huge way. He wanted us in England, and nothing was going to stop Him. He has just chosen to test my faith along the way.

The same goes for the coming year. Everything is going to be OK. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t seem like it because it will. In the year ahead, I want to remember God’s faithful provision in my life. I want to remember this lesson that God really is Jehovah Last-Minute. He provides in His own time, and it’s usually just when I (or we) need it most!