Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

Another defining moment: a love of photography

I have a hard time with this prompt because so many events have affected my life this year. Where do I even start? Everyone who knows me or has been following me on this #Reverb10 journey knows that I’ve gotten engaged, married, and moved house to England. Those are all things that are rather defining moments for me this year.

Or should it be a seemingly mundane defining moment? I think participating in this writing challenge to reflect on the year has been a defining moment. Through it I’ve discovered a lot about myself—I’ve become more self-aware. I’ve discovered that I have a love and gift for writing (somehow… supernaturally perhaps?). I’ve discovered other things about myself as well that I’ll probably save for another post because another Reverb prompt alludes to it. It’s just been a good experience for me to take part in this challenge. It’s been good to reflect upon life over the past year and how it has shaped me. I look forward to what 2011 will bring!!