Dear Eva Joy,

You have taken an interest in whatever your big brother Asher is doing. I love hearing the two of you laugh together. You have discovered how to put things in your mouth (if only you could get your dummy back in your mouth at bedtime!). You’re also very close to rolling from your back to your tummy!

Eva Joy 5 Months 4

Eva Joy 5 Months 5

Here are things you can do at 5 months old:

  • Play with your hands and feet.
  • Blow bubbles and use your whole face to do it.
  • You turn to listen to new sounds.
  • Intentionally grab toys and put them in your mouth.
  • You have a couple of favourite toys.

You got weighed this month, too. We found out you’re in the 98th percentile. WOW! Big girl! Don’t worry—as a baby this is a good thing!

Eva Joy 5 Months 1

Eva Joy 5 Months 2

Eva Joy 5 Months 3


Mummy xo