Dear Eva Joy,

We blink and you’re now 9 months old! I don’t really know where the time has gone. You are such a sweet girl, and Daddy and I love seeing more of your personality emerge every day.

Eva Joy & Daddy 9 months

Eva Joy 9 months old

You celebrated your first Christmas and New Year this month! I think you enjoyed playing with wrapping paper and boxes more than your new toys (but so did Asher).

Eva Joy & Mummy 9 months

Here are the things you worked on this month:

  • You learned how to crawl.
  • You’re getting good at picking up small things with your thumb and finger.
  • You wave “hello” to people you know.
  • You got not one, but two teeth!

Eva Joy & Asher 9 months

Eva Joy 9 Months collage


Mummy xo