Source: Wikimedia Commons

I’m sure I’m not the first to admit that quitting my job, getting married, and moving to another country isn’t easy. It’s downright frustrating at times, although the joyous times still outweigh the frustrating ones. I sometimes find myself frustrated because I’m used to doingsomething–I’m used to working a full-time job in the secular world. Right now, my job is to be a stay-at-home wife. It is what I decided to do, and it is what my husband and I thought would be best especially right now when I’m settling into married life in Carlisle and OM. Of course, I’m growing into this role… it has been challenging at times to be reminded that I am making a difference by serving my husband in this way when I’m still inclined to think that I need to have a bigger role to make a difference.

A bigger role. That is where I struggle. Sometimes I have the thought, “I’m a missionary’s wife. I should be doing something bigger than being a homemaker.” I often forget several things. I forget that my role here in the home is a huge blessing to my husband. I forget that in moving to a new place it takes time to settle in and find my place to fit in. I forget that it’s OK to start small–I’m not going to do great things right away. In reality, a lot of people throughout history probably felt the same way I do at some point in their lives.

I just read an article about doing the small things well. In it, the author talks about how even Jesus didn’t do great big things right away. His main objective in coming to earth was to die for our sins. But He didn’t do it right away. He started with the smaller things of loving the people and asking fishermen and tax collectors to follow Him. He healed people, preached good news, visited small villages… all mostly under the radar.
There is a danger in starting big. I’m sure there are companies who dreamed big from the start and completely failed as a result. There could be much more blessing in starting small. For me, I can’t really see how God would plan for me to do things that are seemingly unimportant. However, I’m encouraged by the fact that the small things are just as important as the big things. After all it’s what Jesus did.