God has a way of giving encouragement just when I need it. Lately I’d been feeling a bit discouraged about raising financial support. We are nearing the end, and my husband tells me that things tend to come in at the last minute. Yet having never experienced that before myself, I can have doubt.

We met with the pastor of Leon’s sending church the other day, and he really had nothing but encouraging words to offer. We shared with him my struggle with asking for support from those I know (believe me, I find it really hard to ask for help). What Pastor said in response was this: You are not asking for yourself. How very true. We aren’t looking for financial support for selfish reasons. We are asking because serving in England is what God has called us to do, and we want our friends and family to come along side and partner with us. Hmm something to think about.

It has also been interesting to see when these bits of encouragement come so unexpectedly. We were pleasantly surprised when a lady from church here in Bloomington stopped by to give us a wedding gift. She offered the encouragement that the Lord does indeed provide exactly when we need it. Of course, these are all things I know, I just don’t always believe them. I needed that little faith lift.

Last night my in-laws had some folks over so we could share about our ministry with them. It turned out that all but two families could attend. How discouraging! Yet it still worked out just the way the Lord had planned it. We shared our story with those there, and amidst that we were able to share about how the Lord is working in our lives, about our ministry, and about OM. It was quite different from ways we have done it in the past, but somehow it worked. I’ve discovered since we’ve been itinerating that I’m growing more confident in sharing about our ministry. Praise God!! :) I think I can get used to this (if that is possible…).

We are off to Chicago this weekend. This will be our last major trip prior to leaving for England in less than 3 weeks! Wow, time has flown so quickly!!