When I was in school, reading was a requirement. I had to read so many books a month, or read certain types of books to write book reports on them. I must confess that kind of ruined reading for me. Doing my reading assignments in college didn’t get any easier, and somewhere along the way I’m certain I stopped reading books for a time.

Then I discovered that my son loves books, and I wanted to encourage his love of books and reading. I don’t really want him to dislike reading the way I did in school.

So how do I encourage reading? I’m not really certain actually. The best way I can think of right now is to do some reading myself. If I’m enjoying books my son will see my example, right? Hopefully.

Reading List 2014

To start off the year with a growing love of reading, here is a list of books I’d like to read this year. It might be shorter than my final list from last year, but I need to bear in mind that we’re expecting a baby in a couple of months. Reading time will probably go out the window for a few months after that!

My goal to start out with is to read some books I already have. I got a couple of new ones for Christmas, and I have one that I’ve been reading off and on since April or May of last year. I’m also a sucker for books when they become free on Amazon, so I have a few of those I’d like to read, too.

 What are you reading or hope to read in the coming year? What recommendations do you have?