Often when we get to know people, it’s in a specific setting: church, work, home group, etc. These are all nice shared experiences, but they don’t always allow for getting to know people on a more genuine and personal basis.

I’ve found that inviting friends (and even strangers!) into our home leads to getting to know our friends on a more personal level. When we meet at work, church, home group, or other outing it’s all too easy to gloss over the things that are really happening in our friends’ lives. Inviting friends into our home means getting them on a more intimate level… mostly free from other distractions. That’s when we can get to know their hearts better.

Image Credit: chumsdock

Leon and I experienced this last Friday when we had a friend around for dinner. We got to know him on such a different, more genuine level because there weren’t any other distractions! It was a true blessing both for our friend, and us. We definitely enjoy hospitality as our ministry!It’s interesting what a home cooked dinner and a cup of tea will do toward good, genuine conversation. It’s important to make our guests (friends) feel comfortable in our home. Somehow, a cup of tea always opens up conversation. No wonder the British like their tea! I’ve found it somehow promotes a comfortable atmosphere.