In November I challenged myself to be thankful for 1 thing every day. I loved the challenge. It changed my attitude about so many things that month. It gave me more joy. So I’m taking an even bigger challenge this year. I’m going to count 1000 gifts, or 1000 things that I’m thankful for this year.

A New Bible

I was inspired by Ann Voskamp to count my 1000 gifts. I haven’t read the book of the same title, yet… but I plan to. I do know that being thankful can change your attitude!

Gratitude is supposed to be an every day discipline anyway… not just at Thanksgiving.

So why not start the habit of recording gifts every day?

Ok, are you ready? Here we go!!

1. Asher’s laughter

2. Silence

3. Fireworks to celebrate the New Year

4. Birds singing

5. Warm blankets

6. Homemade bread

7. Talking at home group

8. Leon and Asher playing together

9. A new Bible

10. A grandmother’s wedding band

11. Reusable nappies

12. Reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart

13. The ability to sew

14. The risen sun in the morning

15. A wedding invitation

16. Left-overs

17. Love for my family

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