I’m not good at making New Year’s resolutions. Let me rephrase that. I’m not good at keeping New Year’s resolutions, and that’s why I don’t make them. I try to set goals. Yet somehow half-way through January, I typically give up on trying to meet those goals because they’re to high or I decide I don’t want them.

How are you doing with your goals for the New Year? I got an e-mail from the folks at #Reverb10 at the beginning of the month. The e-mail contained a surprise writing prompt that has had me thinking for the last couple of weeks or so.

One month into 2011, what question(s) are you living? Are there any prompts/questions that arose during #reverb10 that are still resonating in your life? Are you living new questions?

So it’s a little more than a month into 2011 now. Big deal.

One thing that the Reverb 10 challenge taught me was to reflect on where I’ve been to see how it fits with where I want to be. The question I’ve been living in the past couple of weeks or so is: “What am I doing to meet my goals?” I try to ask myself this question every day. I otherwise tend to get caught up in the minuscule details of every day and forget about the big picture. This is why I’m thankful that my husband and I talked about our long-term goals on the eve of the New Year. I like having something to work towards, as well as holding each other accountable.

Continually asking myself this question does help me to meet goals… even though I do need a gentle push from time to time. Ask me again in a month how I’m doing with meeting my goals.

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How’s that New Year’s resolution treating you?