>In chronicling our married life over the last several months, I have felt the desire to share my experience of moving to another country as a newlywed missionary’s wife. Actually, I’ve had this desire since about 2 months into my residence in England, but I’ve felt like I haven’t had the “experience” to do so. Here I am…having lived in England now for 8 months (and been married for 10 months), and feeling a bit more settled. I think I can finally put some of my experiences into words. Of course I also realise that my experiences will be ever growing and changing. So hopefully sharing my experiences with you will be an on-going endeavour.

Us… Enjoying a date night!

I’m a bit biased, but I think my experience is a bit different. Probably every missionary’s wife will say her experience is different—this is only my perspective. I’m not trying to give advice as I share my experiences. I’m only hoping that whomever reads this will be blessed and encouraged by what has been shared.

Marrying my husband, who is a missionary—It’s not quite like getting married and going to a country for the first time with my husband. It’s not quite like going to a country as a single woman and then marrying a national. It’s not like we met on the mission field and got married. No, I married my husband and decided to join him in his field, having never served or lived in the same country he had been living and serving for a number of years.

When my husband and I decided to get married, I suddenly had to make a decision I never in my dreams imagined I would have to make when I got married: My country or yours? While my husband is American, he’s lived in England so long that he’s become rather British. :) He’s has his ministry here, and God has called him to be here. So what was I to do? We knew that I couldn’t just up and leave without any guidance to what I would do while living in England with my new husband.

This is only the beginning of my journey. I have lots of other thoughts that I’m still thinking on and tossing about my mind. I have a few more posts that I’ll probably be posting on this topic.