Well, lots of things have happened since my last update. I have not had the time to update recently for very obvious reasons.

The first reason is that we’re married!! Leon and I were married on 14 August. We had a lovely ceremony and way fun reception. All who helped out were a blessing to us both, and we are eternally grateful for them and to them. We’re MARRIED!
Monday after the wedding, we received some inconvenient news. I was subpoenaed for a federal court case scheduled for the day before we leave for the UK. Hopefully something will work out with that before we leave.
We are now in Michigan. Over the weekend, we stayed with some cousins of mine in the Flint area. They took us to Frankenmuth where we went to the world-famous Bronners. Holy cow, I’ve never seen so much Christmas in one place. It’s quite overwhelming actually. Leon and I enjoyed the music the most, I think. If picture us waltzing and swing dancing through Bronners… We’re not in love, are we?
After purchasing one lone ornament at Bronners we went out to eat at a German place in town called Zender’s. Oh, my, was it a lot of food. The restaurant is in a family style setting so they bring all the food out for each course and you take what you want. It was good, and we most definitely did not go hungry! It’s a good thing we had ice cream to fill in the cracks!!
Now we sit in Panera checking our e-mail and making use of the wireless internet. We are in Holland, Michigan visiting with some of my friends and family. I do still have a few friends here from my days at Hope. Tomorrow we are off to Indiana. Fundraising is an adventure, and one that I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to. It certainly is keeping me humble. It’s humbling to ask friends and family to partner with us! It is keeping us busy, too. Most of our evenings have been (and will continue to be) filled with meetings. We are most certainly looking forward to returning to England in 4 and a half weeks!