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One of the questions I get asked about living in England is, “What was the hardest thing to adjust to?” Actually it’s the language. I know, right? Not the culture but the language. Don’t they speak English in England? Well, yes. They do—British English. You may not realise it, but it’s very different from American English. We Americans have to have a different word for everything! Or is it the other way around?!? :)

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Actually, believe it or not, I’ve found the language harder now that I’ve been back in the US (it was the same when my parents came to visit in March). I never realised how much of the language I have picked up until I use a word that make my American friends wind me up or scratch their heads. If I use British words on you, I apologise! I’m not doing it on purpose!

Here are some British words and their American equivalents:
British word — American word
Bonnet — Hood (of a car)
Boot — Trunk (of a car)
Trolley — Shopping cart
Till — Check-out lane
Trainers — Sneakers/Tennis shoes
Walking — Hiking
Rucksack — Backpack
Toilet or Loo — Restroom or Bathroom
Motorway — Interstate
Hoover — Vacuum
Gammon — Ham
Wool — Yarn (of any kind)
Tap Water — Water
Chips — French Fries
Crisps — Potato Chips
Mobile — Cell Phone
Pavement — Sidewalk
Windscreen — Windshield
Pitch — Field (for playing sports on)
Jumper — Pullover sweater

To name a few words. :) Hopefully I haven’t confused you!

Do you know any words that can be added to this list?

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