Now that most of the wedding planning is underway, we have begun to look to other tasks that need to be done, such as contacting current and potential supporters.

Well, actually, don’t let me get too far ahead of myself. I first have had to make a list of people to contact. To someone who has never had to really raise support before, it’s a very daunting task! It is encouraging to be constantly thinking of people I have known in the past who may be interested in supporting Leon and I in ministry.

Since this is such a learning experience for me, I have been making it a point to be intentional in conversations with everyone explaining what we will be doing in the UK once we return. It honestly has helped a lot! Or at least I think so. As an example, I had a conversation with a customer at work not too long ago. We got to talking about his ministry–Campers for Christ, so I mentioned that I was going into ministry with Leon once we are married, and did in fact discuss what we would be doing in Carlisle. Another customer came up, so we parted ways. Later this customer came back, offered me some cash, and told me it was to help mine and Leon’s ministry with OM (he also told me he’d be praying for us)! Praise the Lord! I know his gift wasn’t much, but I still consider it to be a blessing and an example of the great ways God can work through people.

Wow, I’m really excited to see how God will show his faithfulness through our support raising! :)

  “I know that You can do everything,
      And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You. (Job 42:2, New King James Version)