This entry is part 14 in the series Home Assignment 2013

Well, it’s hard to believe, but after almost 2 weeks in Kentucky and a week at a conference in Indiana, our home assignment in the US is almost done! We’ll begin our journey back to the UK soon! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a lovely time in the US visiting friends and family. We’re just ready to be home and back to our everyday lives. It’s really hard to be away and disconnected from Carlisle for such a long time.

Last week it hit me that I just want to be home. It’s good seeing our friends and family, but as an introvert, it’s difficult to go on home assignment. We don’t have a set routine every day. We have to flex our schedules to meet with friends as they’re available. Meeting with our friends and family is a part of our ministry, and sometimes it means hearing the concerns of others. We quite often have to stay in someone else’s home, which means we don’t have our own space for two. whole. months. With that, it means that we’re around people all the time… even when we’re not in meetings. Asher has to get used to new people every week or two. At least he’s gotten better at it (minus the whole separation anxiety thing that started recently).

This isn’t to say that life on home assignment hasn’t been horrible. It’s been really good actually. Meeting with people and continuing relationships with them has been rewarding, and a blessing. We’ve enjoyed seeing our families. Asher started walking last week. We’ve been able to encourage people and share about what God is doing in IT and missions.

But it will be so good to sleep in my own bed next week!

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