Source: Wikimedia Commons

Observations and things I’ve learned about England:

Remembering to look right first instead of left before crossing the street.

Common hospitality–you say your good-byes and then drag them out a bit longer.

We have to sleep with the windows open because of moisture.

British accents are becoming “normal” to hear (does that mean I have one?).

You have to register with a GP (doctor) for medical care. You don’t really have control over who you see.

It is so easy to walk pretty much anywhere. If it’s too far, I cycle.

Generally, food is somewhat cheaper in England if you use the buying power of the British pound compared to the US dollar (loaf of bread in the US = $0.99; loaf of bread in the UK = £0.44). I call it “reverse sticker shock.”

The British use spoons to eat their puddings (desserts). Even if you could eat it with a fork.

Squash is far better than Kool-Aid.

Words I’ve learned to use and their definitions:

Car Park… Parking Lot

Toilet/Loo… Bathroom

Uni(versity)… College

Mobile (pronounced with a long ‘i’)… Cell phone (not sure if I’ll ever get this one)

City Centre… Downtown

Boot… Trunk of the car