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Asher is really into making cakes these days because not long ago, I had to make a couple of cakes for Leon and a friend who were celebrating their birthdays. To keep Asher busy while I was baking, I put some water or flour in a bowl on the floor and let him make his own “cake.” On one particular occasion, I left the kitchen to feed Eva Joy. Playing with flour in a bowl stayed pretty clean, until I left the room. As expected, I returned to find flour all over the floor. But what fun it was! I wasn’t bothered that he’d made a mess, and it was also great fun cleaning it up!

Lessons from a Toddler making messes

I don’t want Asher to be afraid of making a mess when he’s playing. I also don’t want him to be afraid of making a mess (or mistakes) in life either. It’s  hard to allow Asher to make a mess because my inner perfectionist comes out.

Lessons from a Toddler make a mess 3

lessons from a toddler make messes 2

God allows us to make messes, too. He’s also there to help us clean up our messes when we ask him. Sometimes I hold back on taking a risk in life because I’m afraid of making a mess. But knowing that God is there to help clean up is a comfort.

And me? I’m a mess. I’m nothing and have nothing:
  make something of me.
You can do it; you’ve got what it takes—
  but God, don’t put it off. Psalm 40:17, The Message

lessons from a toddler make a mess 4

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