I don’t think you have to be too into social media to know that Pinterest is all the rage these days. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Pinterest is a virtual “pin board” where you can pin ideas for crafts, home, school, children, etc. It’s addicting… a bit like Facebook. I’ve been “pinning” for almost a year now.

Tacks or Pins or what
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I have done a few different projects that I’ve found on Pinterest, but not many. I mostly use recipes. Maybe I should share my projects with you to keep me accountable. Less time “pinning” and more time doing the things I “pin” would be good! Maybe my goal at this point (keeping in mind that I have a newborn) would be one project a month. We shall see. Anyone want to join me?

Recipes seem to be the only thing I’m good at actually following through with, so I’ll start my little “Project Pinterest” with a recipe I discovered.

One thing I miss about the US is flavoured coffee creamer. I’ve found coffee “whitener” while living in England, but I’m not daring enough to even touch it. Instead, I’ve learned to take my coffee with milk. It’s alright, I suppose. I still miss my flavoured coffee creamer.

So you may be able to imagine my delight when I found a recipe for homemade coffee creamer! I was a little sceptical of putting honey and vanilla in my coffee, but—surprise, surprise!—it’s really good! Of course, I had to try it right after I finished making it. The only thing I’m not certain about is there are sort of floaties in the coffee after I put the creamer in. Maybe that’s just because the creamer was still hot from being on the stove.

Ha! I made creamer! The website I found it on has several other recipes for homemade coffee creamer, too. Maybe I’ll try my hand at  the other flavours sometime!

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