A friend of mine not long ago asked me what I’m finding I love about English culture. I thought for a bit. And then I realised that it’s tea.

I used to be a coffee drinker. I couldn’t go a whole day without my cuppa Joe. As I gradually figured out that coffee was causing a lot of my headaches, I started ease myself off the coffee. About this same time, I started drinking tea. Not just any tea, but British tea.

I’m not a tea snob. I do drink other types of tea too. Mint is one of my favourites.

What do I like about tea?

It tastes good with sugar, milk, and maybe a biscuit.

A cup of tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee has 100mg of caffeine in it; a cup of British tea only has 75mg (source: NHS website).

In high moments of stress, a cup of tea can help you recollect yourself. I cannot tell you how many times this has helped me in the last year!

Tea can also help you wind down after a busy day. My husband and I now have an evening ritual of following our supper with a cup of tea.

Tea is a very social thing. Whenever we go around to someone’s home, we’re offered a cup of tea. It’s an invitation to say and chat for awhile. I love it because I thrive on spending quality time with people. Conversations quite often start happening over a cup of tea.

A cup of tea is just good to have any time of the day! :) Better finish my cup of tea so I can go get dinner started now!

(And yes, I still enjoy a cup of coffee every now and then!)