After our first few days in Turkey I was surprised to be experiencing some culture shock. After all, we were on holiday. How could it be possible to really experience Turkish culture in the safety of a holiday resort? Well, I was wrong. We were only a few days into our 3 week trip, and I didn’t know how I’d make it through 2 more weeks while Leon attended a course. I felt alone.

But God knew what I needed. About halfway through our first week, we met another couple. Leon had played volleyball with the husband while we were there. They had an adorable little girl. And this lovely couple from Germany spoke English!

As we got to know them, we began to wonder if they were believers, too. It wasn’t easy for me to find that out since we were in a country where sharing our faith openly isn’t very welcomed. Eventually, Leon found out through conversations that they were believers. What’s more, they work for a like-minded company, similar to ours.

As we got to know them, we realised that God had us both there at the same time for His purpose. We were encouraged by their friendship, and hopefully we encouraged them, too. It was so nice to have a friend to pass the long days while Leon was attending the course. Asher made friends with their little girl, too!