I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Until a year ago it was known as “Singles’ Awareness Day” by a number of my friends. I’ve always seen it as an excuse for greeting card companies and florists to make some money.

I’m seeing things a little differently now. This year on Valentine’s Day, Leon and I get to celebrate our half-anniversary! I know it may sound petty, but it really is neat to celebrate such milestones. It’s kind of hard not to celebrate since the 6-month mark is in fact on Valentine’s day. Wow. Six months already. It’s not much, but I look forward to many, many more months (and years!) together.

And here’s a bit of Valentine’s day haiku for you. It’s the only kind of poetry I’m somewhat good at. :) It’s random, I know…

On Valentine’s Day

We have been married six months

Sweet time together

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