This entry is part 8 in the series Home Assignment 2013

Wow, have we had a busy week! We went from Leon’s parents, to Michigan, to Chicago and back to Leon’s parents in a week’s time. Most of those days have had 2 meetings each day. Our week began with a trip to Michigan to visit my family. We also visited some friends from Hope College and Camp Beechpoint!

The realities of Home Assignment are sinking in… loads of traveling and meetings. It’s been so good to see people and reconnect with people I hadn’t seen in years. I especially enjoyed getting to visit Camp Beechpoint, where I’d worked for 3 summers (thanks to Mr. and Mrs. D for letting us come visit!). Camp still holds a very special place in my heart.

Asher has gotten to meet so many new people! I’d love to know what he’s thinking about always changing locations and meeting so many new faces. He’s not used to riding in a car so much since we don’t have one in England. He’s a trooper, and was very tired after a week of travel and not much of a nap any of those days. He was especially patient when we got lost trying to meet our friend in Lansing!

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