Now that I’ve got my cup of tea and some biscuits, I think I’m ready to write. Today’s prompt had me stumped for awhile.

How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

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A sense of wonder fills me when I’m reminded this
Babe, Jesus, was born to die for our sins.

My mind wanders as I wonder what to write. What does it mean to “wonder?”

Every year I find myself in wonder of what God has done for me and in me over the last year.

I wonder at the little Babe He sent to this earth to die for our sins.
I wonder at God’s faithfulness.
I wonder at the beauty of His creation.
I wonder at His sovereignty.
I wonder at His salvation.
I wonder at His grace and mercy.

I finally looked up the meaning of the word “wonder” to gain some inspiration. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says:

Won • der ˈwən-dər

a cause of astonishment or admiration

Ok. Yes, there have been many times this year when God has left me astonished or amazed. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being left in wonder by God.

It deserves praise for who God is and what He’s done.
It deserves praise for His sovereignty.
It deserves praise for His beautiful creation.
It deserves praise for His faithfulness.
It deserves praise for His grace and mercy.
It deserves praise for His salvation.

Need I go on?

The song that comes to mind when I think about this topic of wonder is a song that I found out is considered a Christmas hymn.

I don’t know that I have to make much effort to cultivate that sense of wonder in my life. It just sort of happens as God works in my life. How cool is it that God is personable and can leave all of us in wonder if we let Him?! :)

I‘m taking part in a blog writing challenge the month of December called #reverb10. Each day participants are given a prompt to blog about. Wanting a little variety in my blogging and having never done a blog challenge before, I thought I was up for the challenge. Please continue to follow my blog as I “reflect on the year and manifest what is next!”