Last Saturday brought the celebration of my 29th birthday. It was a rather laid back day, thankfully. I wasn’t feeling too chipper, unfortunately. The aches and pains of the 9th month of pregnancy have set in, and my little rice heating pad was my friend on Saturday.

Yummy chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and whipped cream lettering!

Nonetheless, I had a good day. We both really enjoyed having a relaxing day together, something that won’t be happening too often in the near future. Leon was quite the servant and made me a delicious chocolate cake and dinner!

Leon made such a lovely cake. I think the letters impressed me the most. :)

He also gave me a clothes line for my birthday (sorry, no photos of it yet… I’m waiting for it to be hung)! Leon gave it to me in instalments (first screws, then hooks, etc.) so it would take me all day to figure out what in the world he was giving me. I was rather excited when I figured out it was a clothes line! I know, I know. I’m getting excited about a clothes line. I had been asking for one for awhile though. It’s the simple things, right? :)

For some reason 29 feels so much older than I imagine 30 to be. Maybe that’s because I’m nearing the arrival of “Little Bump”? Not much longer now!!