Every time I start a new job, it takes me awhile to grow into my role. It’s kind of like getting a new pair of shoes. At first they’re a bit uncomfortable, but over time your feet get broken into them and the shoes get more and more comfortable.

That’s how I felt when I first stepped into my role as a missionary’s wife two years ago. In the beginning, I didn’t feel comfortable with telling all of our supporters and those who may be supporting us that yes, I’m a missionary… but I’m going to be a stay at home wife and mum. I had a hard time getting my mind around the thought that my job is just as important and support-worthy as my husband’s job (also in a support role).

Image Credit: David Mayerhofer

Serving as a wife and mother has helped me learn that what I do is an important and valuable position. In some ways, it’s a thankless job, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by God! What has helped me in coming to this realisation is Proverbs 31. To me, the woman described in these verses is serving in a support role in her home. Now that’s someone to strive to be! :)

She looks well to the ways of her household
and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27 (ESV)

Serving in my role as a wife and mother blesses my husband (Proverbs 31:28). Here are some of the ways I can do that:

  • Keeping our house. This might be obvious, but for us this really blesses my husband. He likes it when I can take responsibility for the running of our home. Personally, I’m still growing into this job. :)
  • Taking care of our son (and any future children we may have). This is another obvious one, but hey… it’s important! Being able to raise our son and not have to send him away for someone else to care for is such a blessing! It’s such a privilege to raise this little one God has given us in a biblical way.
  • Doing partner ministry. Since getting married, I have taken on a fair amount of responsibility to contact and connect with our supporters and prayer partners. Usually I write most emails, postcards, connect through social media, etc. It takes the burden off of my husband so he can focus on his ministry more. He still helps me with those things, but I can serve him by doing most of it.

Those are some ways that you can serve in your support role as a wife and mother. I’ll share later about how we serve in a support role within our organisation, and how God can use us in that.

How do you serve in your ministry as a wife and mother? Do you have a role within your ministry or is your primary role being a wife and mother?

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