One word that describes the theme of my life this year is settling.

Baking a pie in our kitchen

I’m beginning to feel settled living in Carlisle. It wouldn’t necessarily mean that I’m completely settled here, but the process has begun. Perhaps it wasn’t until we left for the US on home assignment at the end September that I realised I was beginning to feel settled here.

God has blessed me by helping me find things to do in which I find fulfilment. A year ago, I never imagined I’d be writing Sunday school materials! My teaching experience finally seems like it’s paying off.

We have a lovely group of friends here. My husband Leon had lived in Carlisle for 5 years before I joined him last year (after getting married), so he already had friends and acquaintances. As an introvert, it has never been easy for me to make friends. So making friends has proved a challenge to me… let alone making friends in a new country!

I can consider Carlisle “home.” It wasn’t until we spent the last two months in the US on home assignment that I realised Carlisle is home now. We have our own different lives, and we have our own house here. People around us have moved on and changed. I have changed since moving to England and getting married. It was a step for me to realise what I would consider “home” now.

It’s also comforting to know that God had a hand in helping me become settled here.

What word describes the theme of your life in 2011? You can share your answer in the comments if you like! (Today’s prompt courtesy of: Diana Prichard)