I can’t even remember all the films I’ve seen in the past year. Crazy, I know, but really. Leon and I had a subscription to Lovefilm at the beginning of the year so we watched a lot of films during those dark winter days.

But one film stands out above the rest. Hands down, it’s my all-time favourite film for 2011. In fact, I saw it in the cinema… and then I was super-excited when I found out it was one of our in-flight films going back to the US in September!

Image Credit: The Guardian

Yes, that’s right. The King’s Speech. Aside from the fact that I just love historical films (particularly World War II era), this film is just brilliant. Now that I live in England, it’s given me a greater appreciation and interest in English history. I also really enjoyed the struggle George VI faced and the victory he had once he conquered his struggle.

I promise I won’t turn this post into a movie review. Basically, if you haven’t seen the film, go see it. Now.

What movies did you see in 2011? (Today’s Reverb11 prompt is by Kaileen Elise)