Summer has finally come to Carlisle! I don’t know how long it will last… maybe a week, maybe just a few days… but we’re enjoying it while it’s here! :)

To celebrate the warm weather, here are a few of my favourite moments from this week.

Hanging our laundry out to dry on the clothesline. Yeah, I’m a nerd… but there’s just something so refreshing about clothes, sheets, and towels that have been line-dried.

I got my flip-flops out this week. Last year I waited and waited for the weather to get warmer and missed a lot of flip-flop weather. So I wasted no time this year.

Asher and I went for a walk. With such gorgeous weather, I took advantage of it, and we went for a walk… well, Asher took a nap in the buggy. :) One day, we visited some friends and spent an hour or so in their back garden.

Asher’s new favourite game is “peek-a-boo.” It’s amazing that he never grows tired of it. It’s so fun to watch his surprise every time we pull something back from his face and say, “Peek-a-boo!”

Leon and I had a date playing a friendly game of Scrabble. Neither of us won the game, but we enjoyed spending time together. It’s so nice to have time with just the two of us even though we have a baby now!

What have been some of your favourite moments from the week?