On New Year’s Day, our church had a church-wide walk. Of course, with our love of walking, Leon and I were there with our wellies on (well, I had wellies on anyway).

We were to walk around a place called Talkin Tarn. It’s a lake just outside of Carlisle with a few walking trails. Once everyone arrived, we took a short walk around the tarn (which incidentally, isn’t technically a tarn). It was good weather for a walk—it had stopped raining, and the sun was trying to peek out from behind the clouds. It was still a bit breezy and cold, but we could deal with that.

Image Credit: geograph.org.uk

It was lovely to chat with people after not seeing anyone during the Christmas holidays. Sadly, I didn’t get any photos as I forgot my camera (so you’ll have to be satisfied with this one I pulled off the internet). After our walk we went over to someone’s house to warm up with tea and coffee and shared more fellowship. We also got to catch up with a few others who didn’t make it to the walk.

It was a great way to spend our New Year’s Day!

What did you do for New Year’s this year?