Leon and I had a little get-away on Saturday. We got some good friends of ours to babysit, and we went to Edinburgh. We had been looking forward to this trip since before Leon left for Belgium. It was so lovely to get away for a day and not have a baby between us or need to worry about how/when to warm up a bottle to feed Asher.

One of the things we really wanted to do was go to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Neither of us had done that, and the last time we were in Edinburgh I was 7 months pregnant so it wasn’t happening then. So it was the first thing we did! We had gorgeous weather for walking.

We wanted to go on a tour of the Scottish Parliament. (Yes, we’re geeks!) Last time, we just missed the tour… and this time, wouldn’t you know it, they weren’t giving tours! Ah, well… We spent the rest of our time wandering around the Museum of Scotland instead. I’ve always thought that museums are good date destinations. :)

So after a cup of hot chocolate at the Balcony Café, we wandered around. The part of the museum we saw was my favourite part of the museum, probably because of all the hands-on activities. Those are the kinds of museums I like… I like to touch stuff! It was definitely good fun.

After our trip to the museum, we made our way back to the car, but not without stopping for dinner of course. We saw an Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant when we’d arrived, and Leon wanted to check it out. We were lucky to get in because they were otherwise booked for the night! Oh, was it good food! I’m not a fan of curry otherwise… this was the best curry I’ve had (sorry, no photos of the food, it was so good we ate it before I could get a photo!).

And of course the most important part of our day away was that Leon and I got to spend some much-needed time together.

What about you? What did you get up to on the weekend?