We had a lovely and relaxing time away in London last week for a short holiday. We needed to apply for Eva Joy’s American citizenship and passport at the Embassy, so we took advantage of it and made a holiday of it! It was lovely to stay with friends while we were down there, too!

Here’s what we got up to…

Fed some ducks and played at a park.

london holiday 1

london holiday 2

Spent time together.

london holiday 3

london holiday 4

Went into London and explored the Science Museum.
london holiday 5

Saw the West End musical “Let It Be,” all about the Beatles and their music.

(It was the first time I’d been to a West End show!)london holiday 6

With all that we’ve had going on, it was great to get away for the week. I wish we could have been away longer. It was a very relaxing and fun trip!

(On a side note, while sitting in traffic queues on our way back to Carlisle, we decided that the next time we go to London with the kids, we’ll look at taking the train. Eight hours in the car was too long for all of us (and it’s actually cheaper)! Thankfully we made it safely and in one piece!)