I arrived safely in Manchester.  Since this was my first trip abroad, everything was new to me.  On the 7 hour flight from Philly to Manchester, I slept maybe 4 hours.  It was as much as I expected, I suppose.  I sat next to a lovely guy from Manchester who told me all about his travels around the world and pointed out where he worked when we were making our descent in to the city.

England’s 2nd favorite sport.  Once the plane landed, I had my first experience with immigration.  I had the privilege of waiting in line for 20 minutes before I even got to speak with an immigration officer.  One of the passengers waiting in line said we were experiencing “Britain’s second favorite sport”–queueing.  Evidently, it happens quite often that you stand in a queue when you visit the UK.  I found that to be amusing.

Train ride.  Leon surprised me by meeting me at the Station in Manchester airport! :) We rode the train to Carlisle together.  It was quite a lovely surprise…


(I am going to blog about my trip to England in shorter anecdotal entries.  I figure it’s best that way.  I’m going to date them according to when they happened as well, so please be sure to check back and look for updates, since they may or may not show up if you are following my blog via RSS feed.)