Leon celebrated his 30th Birthday this week, his ‘golden birthday‘ as he likes to call it. So I had it in mind to throw him a surprise party to celebrate… get some friends of ours involved, invite lots of people, have a BBQ… in theory, it was a good idea. I had thought I’d kept it a secret pretty well, and that Leon had no clue what was going on. I even secretively sent out an invite on Facebook since Leon’s not on Facebook.

Well, I got found out. Weeks ago.

I had enlisted the help of some friends of ours. I told Leon that we were going around to their place for lunch on Saturday. This was my first mistake, as that is not like me to just announce that we’re going to someone’s home for a meal.

Since we were having a barbecue, our friends needed to borrow our BBQ bucket (important note: we store it in our back shed). So I had them come collect it on Thursday. By Saturday, I’d forgotten about it, and asked Leon to mow the back garden (the mower is also in the back shed). He noticed the BBQ was gone!

Yes, this is how bad I am at keeping secrets.

Thankfully, Leon was kind enough to let me believe the party was still a surprise until after the the ‘surprise’ happened. And thankfully, there were aspects of the party that were still a surprise: Leon had no idea how many people were going to show up, or who was going to show up. He didn’t know how it was going to happen, or what was going to happen at the party. I think he enjoyed having so many people come around to wish him a Happy Birthday.

So aside from the fact that the surprise got found out, the party was a success. Leon had a lovely time, and so did all of our friend who could make it to the party!