We’re having brilliant weather here today (and what am I doing inside blogging and not out on a fell in the Lakes somewhere?). In fact we’ve had quite beautiful weather here for the last couple of weeks, with the exception of the inevitable overcast or rainy day that English weather does bring.

Last week, I had the windows open in our conservatory nearly all week. It was brilliant when the sun heats it up, and thus heating up the whole house!

A view from Whinlatter Forest

A couple of weekends ago, we found ourselves in Whinlatter Forest enjoying the brilliant weather and the Lake District, which we love so much. With spring weather like this, more trips to the Lakes will definitely be in our future!

Today, another brilliant sunshine-filled day, Leon and I spent the afternoon getting our garden cleaned up. I had intended to pull weeds along the side of our house… that venture turned into a weed-killing adventure. We cleaned up the area between the house and our neighbour’s house, and finally finished in the back garden mowing and getting out our lawn furniture (I am excited about this and spending time in our back garden on days like this).

This brilliant weather doesn’t last, though. I’m pretty sure that English weather changes just as much as we women change their minds!