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A couple of weeks ago, God gave me a good lesson in being still and slowing down. It was hard to do with a 13 month-old boy and being on home assignment. Remember how I said we as Christians should allow the body of Christ to do its job? Yeah, I’m still learning that lesson…

I had the privilege of testing out the travel insurance we purchased for our trip to the US. Yep, that’s right! I had to pay a visit to Urgent Care when a muscle in my back decided to spasm one Friday morning when I got up from breakfast. It had rendered me pretty much useless so my dear husband helped me make the decision to see a doctor about it.

After a muscle relaxer and┬ásteroids, I was feeling pretty good. :) Except the fact that I wasn’t allowed to pick up my baby and do much care of him while I was on the meds, especially with the muscle relaxer. I couldn’t pick up Asher the first couple of days anyway for all the pain! After the first couple of days I started to feel better. But as long as I was taking muscle relaxers, I wasn’t allowed to pick up my son. It was hard. He needed me to hold him. I wanted to pick him up on my own. It made things difficult when Asher needed to do things like be taken down from his booster seat. I felt like it was an inconvenience having to ask for help when I couldn’t do anything on my own.

I then realised that it’s probably good to have to slow down and ask for help sometimes. People want to help. So I should let them help. I wasn’t able to do some of the other things I would have done while here in the US, too… I wonder if God was teaching me about slowing down during busy times? God must have known having a muscle spasm was “just what the doctor ordered” to slow me down for a little while!

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