On Saturday, we took a trip to Cockermouth. We had planned on seeing William Wordsworth’s childhood home, but our plans changed quickly when we got there. There were plenty of other exciting events going on. It was the Cockermouth Georgian Fair! It was so fun to see people in period costume walking the streets. Plenty of dancing was going on, and there was a market, too. They even had a May pole (but we didn’t get to see the dancing for that). After lunch at a pub, we enjoyed checking out all the sites.

We enjoyed watching the dancing, but I’m not certain we understood it all.

Morris Dancing
Morris Dancing… why?!?

I think Asher was a bit confused by the Morris dancing, too. :)

They call that dancing??
Cozy in the pram

Leon and I wished we could be out there for the English Country Dancing they had!

English Country Dancing!
English Country Dancing!

And then there was the crazy comedy duo called Swash and Buckle we saw in the street. It was cheesy humour, but still got a good laugh out of most everyone. Their big act was catching a cannonball in the face, complete with a cannon and firecrackers.

Swash & Buckle
Ready with the cannon
Catching a cannonball in the face
“Don’t try this at home… if you have a cannon.”

We are so glad we spent our time wandering the fair instead of going to the Wordsworth home! What fun!