Since we’ve been married, we have set aside one night a week to be our “date night.” We wanted to set aside the night so that we can focus on each other rather than everything else that goes on in life. We don’t have children (yet), but life can be downright distracting at times, leaving us to forget our priorities. Date nights, for us, have been a good way to set our priorities straight: After God, our marriage is our priority.

We like taking photos of our shadows. We like holding hands, too.

You might be thinking, “Wow, one date night a week. Doesn’t that get expensive?” Not really. We don’t spend anything at all, most weeks. Occasionally, we’ll see a film at the cinema, but most of our date nights include a game night, a walk, cycle ride, movie night in, candlelit dinner (for which I usually splurge a little. ^.^)

Last week was rather busy (hence the lack of posts last week, my apologies…). Friday’s date was well anticipated as a result. We spent our evening walking around a park chatting with each other about our days… followed by a film online!

On our cycle ride to Longtown

A few weeks ago, our date night consisted of a 20 mile bike ride to Longtown and back. Some of you may not consider exercise a good date, but I think it was! We really enjoyed ourselves. The exercise is only an added bonus. Perhaps we’re addicted to cycling after our last big cycle trip?

I look forward to our date nights every week. I know things will change once we have children, but I can at least enjoy the season we’re in now!

Anyway, if you haven’t tried having a regular date night with your spouse, I highly recommend it. If you do have a regular date night, what are some of the things you do?